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How To Join Mac Dinh Chi Reunion - Liêu Hoàn Vũ

 #1 · Posted: 11 Jan 2004 03:53 · Edited by: Admin 
How To Join Mac Dinh Chi Reunion

Since Mac Dinh Chi Reunion (MDCR) uses Yahoo! Group mailing system and message board for member communications, to join MDCR you must join MDCR Yahoo! Club. Please do the following steps to join MDCR Yahoo Club:

1- Open an account with Yahoo to get an Yahoo ID and password. If you’re already a Yahoo member with an ID, please skip this step, otherwise use the below URL to open a Yahoo! account:

open Yahoo account

Yahoo will send you an email for account ID and password confirmation.

2- Using Yahoo ID and password to log in Yahoo system with the below URL:

login your Yahoo account

3- Go to MDCR Yahoo Group website with the below URL:

goto MDCR Yahoo Group

click “Join This Club” link at the right side corner of MDCR Yahoo! Club website, then fill in all information, and click “Yes! I Accept” . You've just become MDCR member, and accessed MDCR Yahoo! Club from now on. As a MDCR Yahoo! Club member, you can post messages and photos to share information with other MDCR members.

OR To join/subscribe to a group via email:

1- Send a blank email to

2- You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Just reply to this message and your subscription will be complete.

* If someone sent you an email invitation to join a group, simply reply to the message.

After joining MDCR, please send an email which shows your Yahoo ID, email address, and the last MDC class, year and residence (city, state or country etc. for statistics) to vulieu@yahoo.com so that I can update the member list in the MDCR main website correctly. If you have any question, please send me an emai to vulieu@yahoo.com.

The MDCR main website is developed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x with screen resolution 1024x768, and its URL is


The website uses Unicode font which is a built-in font in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x.

To read the articles, please setup MS.IE: from the browser top menu, set browser web page font to Tahoma font as folows :

Tools | Internet Options... | Fonts... | Tahoma for web page font.

and set browser encoding as follows :

View | Encoding | Auto Select & Western European (Windows).

Thank you for joining Mac Dinh Chi Reunion.

Liêu Hoàn Vũ

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