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Complied - Trần Văn Giang

 #1 · Posted: 7 Nov 2016 23:47 

As the voting day comes close, I compiled some thoughts on politics.


Trần Văn Giang


Some thoughts on politics


The Russian democracy is vastly superior to the American democracy. In Russia, we know the result of elections a week before they take place. In America, the result of the election is a week after it takes place.
-Vladimir Putin (Russian President)

Guns / Arms Control

A woman has narrowly failed to assassinate President Gerald Ford. There are too many guns in this country in the hands of people who do not know how to use them.
-Hubert Humphrey (Vice President / Presidential candidate)

Weve got the kind of President (George H Bush?) who thinks arms control means some kind of deodorant.
-Patricia Schroeder (1988 Presidential candidate)

Presidential Candidates

Democracy means anyone can grow up to be the President; and anyone who doesnt grow up can be vice-president.
-Johnny Carson (Tonight Show Host)

Bill Clintons mistake

The biggest mistake that Bill Clinton made was not getting Teddy Kennedy to drive Monica Lewinsky home.
-Dennis Leary (Actor / Comedian)

Economic Plan

Gordon Brown (British Politician) bases his politics on the Dolly Parton School of Economics unbelievable figure, blown out of all proportion, with no visible means of supports.
-Kenneth Clarke (British Politician)


What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.
-Angela Davis (American politician / Civil Right Activist)

Compiled by Tran Van Giang

Trần Văn Giang

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